25 Assertions about Leader Role & Effectiveness : Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be


Leadership is critical to well-run organizations, groups, volunteers, special projects and all manner of activity that affects others and where direction, attention to detail and oversight are critical to achieving mission, vision, values, goals, objectives and desired outcomes. The word leadership is bantered about and used liberally as a panacea to good management, getting people to perform their duties, and as the key to a well-run organization. Perhaps that is true but when the word itself is used without examination of how it is being applied or if it applies to the situation at hand, we occasionally encounter a dilemma. People interpret the word leadership without grounding it into something tangible and as such it can mean anything that we what it too simply by saying it. That is contentious to say the least for unless we are able to apply meaning to performance, all else is meaningless. To help differentiate meaning and to break down the concept leader and leadership, we need to determine the operative applications to real examples. How do leaders function with others in a variety of environments and situations? Are there rules or principles that must be followed and carefully monitored? What influences can change outcomes and how do we address them? Do leaders actually make a difference or are the rules of procedure more prominent in achieving outcomes? Considering these questions, it was thought that if individuals used a set of rules, general assertions about aspects of work and life, outcomes were likely to be achieved. The following assertions reflect leader competence and effectiveness in guiding employee achievement of the organization's mission and delivery of services. The twenty-five assertions are provided as the foundation of excellent supervision and management, a product of individual skills, knowledge, abilities and experience. Assertions by their very nature do not provide a list of steps that should be followed. Assertions are statements that declare potential and affirmation and if used situationally are conducive to successful outcome.


D Richard C Lumb Ph, Lumb Msw
Paperback | 134 pages
152.4 x 228.6 x 8.13mm | 258.55g
Publication date
18 Oct 2014
Publication City/Country
United States
Illustrations note
colour illustrations

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