Puzzles for Stroke Patients : Rebuild Language, Math & Logic Skills to Live a More Fulfilling Life Post-Stroke


PERFECT GIFT FOR STROKE REHAB & ADULT/SENIOR BRAIN FITNESS! WONDERFUL RESULTS! #1 Best Seller in Stroke Puzzle Books. 30 challenging & funny puzzle types with increasing difficulty; including popular TV shows & Hollywood movies & stars puzzles to recover cognitive and memory functions. Excellent for caregivers also! Customer: "Great gift for my mom!!!" Word, logic & math puzzles are recommended for patients by doctors, neurologists, speech & cognitive therapists to rebuild mental abilities in language, math & logic. Puzzles are essential for brain rehabilitation. Neurologist: "For stroke victims, I suggest word-guess puzzles because they can't really do the New York Times Sunday magazine crossword puzzle." Another word-based puzzles, word search puzzles, help to reestablish visual quickness. In addition to word puzzles, the provided shopping math & airline travel math puzzles will help to rebuild the stroke survivor's math, comprehension & logical thinking capabilities for everyday life. The puzzle book also boasts a number of adult coloring pages and picture puzzles. Medical research shows: "For the stroke patient, coloring is a good way for strengthening fine motor skills (writing, driving, sewing arts...) & to reintegrate the left and right sides of the brain. The left side is dominantly for logical processing while the right side features color graphics processing." The Diagonal Word Square Puzzles are arranged in increasing difficulty levels. The puzzle solver has to find the missing letters for short words; each row and the diagonal will spell a word. Puzzles are valuable rehab tools in the hands of people who experience the cognitive and physical deficits frequently associated with stroke. Inability to pay attention is common for stroke survivors. Other deficits may include comprehension, reading, and writing. The human brain is extremely flexible and it can be rewired for full functioning after a stroke. To learn how to pay better attention, stroke patients can solve puzzles that require focus. Others skills targeted by puzzle solving (which may improve comprehension, reading, and writing) include speech, concentration, memory, word-finding, and motor skills. When puzzles are used for stroke patients, the key is to choose a puzzle that is effective and enjoyable for the patient like brain games. The puzzles in this book are effective because they can be completed easily and in short amount of time, usually in a single sitting. Because they are not difficult, solving them imparts a sense of accomplishment. Puzzle contents stimulate emotions and memories, conversation and reminiscing. Puzzles are a great brain exercise and memory activity that captures and improves attention. Puzzles encourage the use of problem solving skills. In addition, they are fun; patients relax, smile, and laugh. Brain puzzles have been used throughout history for recreation, as medicine, as meditation, as a source of beauty. While this book is aimed directly at stroke survivors for stroke rehabilitation it is highly recommended to seniors, caregivers, loved ones and friends as well. CONTENTS AT A GLANCE: RETRAINING THE BRAIN AFTER A STROKE 1 TV SHOWS WORD SEARCH PUZZLES 3 4x4 DIAGONAL WORD SQUARE PUZZLES 24 MATH ADDITION DRILLS 68 HOLLYWOOD MOVIE TRIVIA QUIZZES 81 MATH SUBTRACTION DRILLS 108 VOCABULARY BUILDER WORD SEARCH PUZZLES 121 FUN BRAIN TEASERS 162 MATH MULTIPLICATION DRILLS 185 5x5 DIAGONAL WORD SQUARE PUZZLES 198 MATH DIVISION DRILLS 239 HOLLYWOOD STARS MOVIES SEARCH 252 SUDOKU LOGIC PUZZLES 278 MISSING VOWELS PUZZLES 316 6x6 DIAGONAL WORD SQUARE PUZZLES 333 WORD SCRAMBLE PUZZLES 364 SHOPPING MATH PUZZLES 379 AIRLINE TRAVEL MATH PUZZLES 400 4x4 DIAGONAL WORD SQUARE PUZZLE SOLUTIONS 416 5x5 DIAGONAL WORD SQUARE PUZZLE SOLUTIONS 426 6x6 DIAGONAL WORD SQUARE PUZZLE SOLUTIONS 438 SUDOKU LOGIC PUZZLE SOLUTIONS 447 PICTURE PUZZLE SOLUTIONS 455 -- ART THERAPY COLORING PAGES


Kalman Toth M a M Phil
Paperback | 472 pages
189 x 246 x 24mm | 835g
Publication date
27 Sep 2013
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Large type / large print
Edition statement
Large Print
Illustrations note
Illustrations, black and white
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