For Life a Poet's Words Volume One : An Anthology of Inspirational Poetry and Nature Photography


FOR LIFE A POET'S WORDS - VOLUMES ONE AND TWO are beautiful books of 30-31 Original Visionary Poems and Nature Photography, by the Brilliant Author, Artist, Composer KRISTAN KUHN. Keep them in your purse, folio, download on kindle or on your bedside table for healing, inspiration & enlightenment. Visit Adria Chalfin's page at Amazon's Author Central: "Uplifting and healing, Kristan presents a powerful yet gentle view of our world, ourselves and eternity. She brings a sense of hope as she challenges her readers to find truth and peace by embracing the now. Her poems will haunt us but make us better souls." Dennis Rinsler "TV Writer/Producer" Sadly at 29 the author fell ill from dental mercury toxicity and battled painful health struggles for 20+ yrs. Passing on in early 2014. She was a spiritual visionary ahead of her time. Her deep love of God and the Truth, led her to create a brilliant body of work. She imperatively felt to reach humanity with her messages. "A GIFT HAS BEEN GIVEN TO US ALL. The books FOR LIFE A POET'S WORDS - Volumes One & Two are filled with love and compassion and awareness. They will enlighten each individual and empower one's self. Today in this world the secret is to live in love & light with understanding. EACH POEM will make one stop, think and contemplate about our own self and give answers to our own questions." Rebecca Nelson "Reike Master- Healer" Lost to the world, all the author's work had to be shelved and was left in my care. I began reading and my mouth dropped open at the beauty of her poetry. Reviewing, re-editing, and re-checking, I have cried, laughed and been in awe each and every time. For Life a poet's word's- Volumes One & Two are a beautiful awakening experience and one that shouldn't be missed. Sincerely, Adria Chalfin Founder PyramidK Publishing and Music A company dedicated to the Life Work of Writer, Artist, Composer, Kristan Kuhn. " Pictures and Poems. Images and ideas. Eyes and breath. This book contains these things. But, there's more than just that. This book is not just BY Kristan Kuhn. This book IS Kristan Kuhn. It contains her. And it is alive ! ." John Thomas "Singer, Composer and Book Lover."


Kristan Kuhn, Adria Chalfin
140 x 216 x 5mm | 118g
Publication date
13 Jul 2016
Pyramidk Publishing and Music
Illustrations note
Illustrations, color

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